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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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up next, two more cars pulled from the water as police look for any sign of a kidnapped boy. and investigators say they are not done with the canal yet. and it wasn't even up to 50 standards. the feds find more trouble with the
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the feds say the pipeline that caused the san bruno disaster not only failed today's standards, it would have been a problem even in the 50s when it was installed. the national transportation safety report revealed that wells on the pipeline had severe defects and lilian kim is here with more. >> the pipe was installed in 1956, and experts say based on the report released today, they are surprised the pipe didn't explode earlier. the national transportation safety board says the pipeline that exploded in the san bruno neighborhood in september had dozens of defective wells.
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in the report, the ntsb wrote the longitudinal scenes showed very yaws -- various defects including incomplete fusion and under cutting. the stanford professor is an expert metal energy at stanford. >> there are things that eminate krangs and they grew with time and eventually to critical size. so clearly if you hand the procedures in place, those might have been caught. >> but no such inspections ever took place because up until recently, pg&e thought the pipe was seem less. in a scathing statement, congresswoman jackie spear wrote "the loss of life might have been prevented if pg&e properly identified the risks it had underground in the glen view neighborhood. the utility will have to answer for eight deaths and 38 burn victims. >> who was watching over what they were doing? >> the san bruno resident is
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one of the homeowners whose house burned down the night of the explosion. her property is a half block from where the pipe ruptured. >> i just hope this doesn't happen to somebody else. they need to go through and reinspect every inch of pipe they've got. >> pg&e de -- declined the on camera interview. >> all pipelines in the pg&e system that are a similar size have not been pressure tested and are continuing to operate at pressures that have been reduced by 20%. this measure builds a significant margin of safety into the current operating conditions. >> today's report was the finding of fact and not a final report. the ntsb has yet to report the cause of the explosion. they plan to hold a hearing in march. san jose police have shut down a major part of the street while they investigate the deadly shooting of a young man during rush hour.
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officers found the victim just before 5:00 at story road and east capital expressway. it remains shut down in both directions right now. the victim who has not been identified is between 18 and 20 years old. so far no word on suspects or what lead to the shooting. a south bay family is grieving tonight. they say their son was murdered by a police officer in ethiopia. now the family wants the u.s. government to help them receive justice. abc7's lisa amin gulezian has our story. >> a steady flow of visitors try to console a family that has experienced so much loss. >> he died january 9th. he loved his family, sports and ethiopia. his mother's native country. he left for africa january 1st. nine days later he was in a restaurant. >> one of the guys that got
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shot heard americans humbled. >> he said friends were offended so they left. a police officer who was nearby opened fire. >> i blame the government because they are the ones who are training these so-called officers to act out in their behalf. >> according to this family, corruption within the ethiopian police department is commonplace. they think the ones making the racist remarks may have been involved. >> i am thinking they went up to police saying i will give you, here, $200 to shoot up this car. a lot was going in my mind. i don't have an answer. i need an answer. >> they want government and civil rights leaders to help investigate. an aide to senator barbara boxer told abc7 news their office is trying to get more information. >> they don't want this to be just another incident of
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someone being killed in our country. >> the plan was to return from ethiopia at the end of the month and continue taking classes here at san jose city college. the goal was to graduate and become a film maker. >> recently he made this film. it is filled with friends in ethiopia and in the bay area during happier times. in a span of just seven months, the family's house burned down, they became homeless and now their oldest son is dead. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> we heard about the story through you report powered by youtube. if you have a story you would like to share, e-mail us at kgo-tv .com. or go to the you report website at you report abc news .com. and now to the central valley and the search for juliani. dive teams scouring the canal
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for the car connected to the kidnapping and they found two more vehicles, but neither is the one they are looking for. our sister station is live in patterson tonight. lee? >> dan, investigators are saying they are not back to square one, but they are going back. a witness says he saw a silver toyota corolla plunge into the canal. despite three previous purchases and four stolen cars unrelated to the case being brought up, they say their best lead in the disappearance of juliani is back at that canal. new sonar technology still had investigators pulling out old cars unrelated to the abduction of juliani. it was the third search of the canal. >> there are no other credible leads taking us in a different direction. >> later in the day and further south of the canal, detectives uncovered yet another stolen car. >> not the vehicle we are looking for. >> investigators believe this is the strongest tip, the strongest lead.
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>> investigators are relying on one farmer who says he saw the silver toyota corolla plunge into the canal on tuesday afternoon. >> he possibly did see two bodies in the car. >> she is hopeful her mother is safe and that his abductor never brought him near the canal. >> i am just worried that juliani is not eating right. and we are anxious to bring him home. >> they hope the police will only continue to pull out more stolen cars. starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning, they will be doing a second sonar search of the canal. this time they want to go through the tunnel they didn't have a chance to go through. they have 30 minutes and they are working with the bureau to shut off the water. live in patterson, abc7 news. >> lee, thanks of so. again, the car is a silver
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toyota license number 6hbw445. if you think you see it, call police immediately. the east oakland elementary school where officials are investigating sex acts between two second graders has given an award to the student whistleblower. it happened last week at marcum elementary school. the student reported it this wednesday. her grandmother spoke to us today. we concealed her identity to protect her granddaughter. >> she saw them taking off their clothes, and she saw them doing personal things to each other -- to each of the students. >> and there was a report students got undressed in the same classroom where it happened. the teacher told officials he was unaware of the incident. he has been placed on leave during the investigation. in richmond, a teen agee gang rape victim reached a $4 million settlement with the school district. it happened in october of 2009 during the high school
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homecoming dance. the victim will get a payout of $2.5 million. and an additional 1.5 million over the next 40 years. a judge has ordered five men and a teenage boy to stand trial in the rape case. most are facing life in prison. the judge ruled that the current and former major league players will have to testify in barry bonds' upcoming perjury trial. bonds arrived to court this morning in san francisco. the judge ruled he could call bonds' former teammates and other players to testify about whether they received steroids from bonds' trainer, greg anderson. bonds is on trial for perjury and obstruction after telling a grand jury he never knowingly took steroids from anderson. anderson refused to testify. well, she is traveling 1,000 miles to make a major step. ahead, congresswoman gabrielle giffords moves forward and moves hearts. and the south bay woman who says police shot her dog as it was coming home.
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and why climatologists call all of this snow a sign of warming. and then on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. dan, coming up next on "nightline" it is popular with teens and perfectly legal and it may hold unknown dangers. we look for answers. and we visit a giant animal sanctuary where australia's
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a lossal toes woman says a dog was running to her house when officers shot it. a neighbor called 9-1-1 earlier this month because the dog, a pittbull was threatening him. 34res say the dog lunged at him. the dog's owner has a different story. >> zeus, the pittbull was running to come into the house because i was calling his name. at the exact moment i got to the front door and the dog was coming toward me he was shot by the police officer right on the edge of my property. >> the dog owner tells us zeus got out of her house along with two other dogs because a
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door was accidentally left uh jar. the two other dogs were not injured. you heard the expression the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and today gabrielle giffords traveled 1,000 miles for the next step in her long recovery. giffords' family and her medical staff took her from her hospital in her hometown of tucson to houston, texas for intense rehabilitation. >> as the ambulance carrying congresswoman gabby gifford, her husband, mother and doctors left the tucson hospital, the people she represents dined the streets to pay tribute. her doctors say she noticed. >> we could hear applause in the ambulance with gabby, and she responded very well to that, smiling and in affect tearing a little bit. >> her husband, mark kelly, is just as thankful. he sent this message on twitter. gg, gabby giffords, going to the next phase of her recovery today. very grateful to the docs and
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the nurses at umc. yesterday he stood by her side as her bed was moved to a hospital deck so she could feel the sun on her face and see the arizona mountains one more time. today's journey wasn't easy. after a half hour ambulance ride to an air force base, she was gingerly lifted out of the ambulance and loaded on to a specially equiped private plane for the two-hour flight to houston. from there, another ride. this time on a medical helicopter to the memorial herman rehabilitation hospital where she will likely be for a few months. >> she looks spectacular. she came into the icu and she was alert, awake and calm. >> gabby's rehabilitation will take a fighting spirit. a tenacity her closest friends says she's got. >> she is a very strong woman and nobody works harder than she does. she will do everything she can to fight for her complete
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recovery. >> and to get back to work, representing the people who line the streets to see her off. >> gabby, i'm proud to say i voted for you before and i will vote for you again. >> they arrived at the hospital early. they will be providing security while the congresswoman is here. and they will be here awhile. doctors predict her rehab will last four to six months. abc news, houston. >> abc's bob woodruff knows how difficult it is to recover from a traumatic brain injury. a road side bombing in iraq almost killed him five years ago. bob talked to diane sawyer about some of the more surprising aspects of recovery. >> the congresswoman we know speaks fluent spanish. you speak multiple languages and you woke up speaking chinese and italian? >> chinese and french. i wish i did noah tall yuan. there is a possibility she may wake up and speak spanish
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better than she speaks english. scientists believe the languages you learn before you are six are in a different part of the brain than those you learned after age six. so there are sometimes you could be hit in part of the brain that affects one and not the others. >> and despite his uh -- uh finish tee for foreign languages, it took him 10 minutes to recite the english alphabet early on. on the east coast, another winter storm roared through today. across the nation we have seen record snowfall and record low temperatures and a record number of storms. climate scientists say global warming is the cause of the record cold. with the weather pattern shifting in different ways. extremes in weather year-round and winter with much more snow. and around here, a lot of warm temperatures. spencer is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> it is usually mild, and right now it is milder than we would see at 11:8 teen-- 11:18
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p.m. we have a few locations with the current readings in the 50s. mountain view 55 degrees and in san francisco, on we go to the highlights. we will have sunny and mild days this weekend. right on into next week. the surf is up and no rain in the forecast through next week. let's lube at the coastline and we have a high surf advisory in affect until 3:00 on sunday morning. look for large breaking waves reaching heights of 15 to 20 feet. there could be dangerous sneaker waves, and at this moment we are looking at heights 10 to 12 feet. the satellite and radar shows the high pressure building into the north and east end. as it does so the track is well to the north. we can expect nice, fair weather. it starts at 11:00, and you can see the center of high pressure building north and northeast with the offshore flow that the high pressure center will provide us, we will see inland spots warming up to temperatures in the low 70s in late january low
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temperatures in the 40s, although a couple spots will chill down to 39 degrees. livermore a low of 39 as will santa rosa. san francisco a low of 50 degrees. other locations will be in the 40s. let's see how high the highs will get. in the south bay, highs up to 69 degrees. 68 in sara toe -- saratoga. mid60s for the most part. 65 redwood city and 67 lossal toes. and along the coast, mild and 64 at half moon bay. 62 in pacifica. the wild weather continues with a high of 65 downtown and 63 in the sunset district and look at the warm up in the north bay. highs of 70 degrees in calistoga and napa and cloverdale and ukiah. 71 in sonoma. in the near east bay, highs up to about 68 degrees and oakland and 67 at newark and union city and fremont and castro valley, 66. to the inland areas of the
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east bay, we will see mainly upper 60s. 69 concord. 69 in dublin and 70 in danville and pleasanton. and here is the mildest weather of all. near monterey bay. 70 in santa cruz. 74 in salinas and inland, farther inland, gilroy 70 and hollister 71. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, seven days of sunny skies and pleasantly mild. the mildest weather will be this weekend. and even as high temperatures moderate a little bit over the next week, we will still see temperatures holding in the 60s. on the coast, around the bay and inland. it is a nice, warm january so far. >> unbelievable. up next, what is in that gordito? the lawsuit against taco bell up next.
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someone has a beef against taco bell, and they are taking it to court. a class action suit filed in federal court says there is
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not enough beef in taco bell's offering to qualify as beef. the alabama consumer law official said it is mostly fillers. the lawyers aren't asking taco bell to change its food. they simply want it labeled as a taco meat filling instead of seasoned beef. taco bell says it doesn't exaggerate what it gives consumers and no false advertising for any products. time for sports with larry beil. >> yum. the warriors go from eccstatic to frightened. money day ellis, mr.-- monta ellis, mr. clutch and the night ends with him being carried off the court. what happened to his ankle? i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals.
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with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. plus i get two boxtops for their school. winning is my but we lost today. no, we didn't... ♪ we're the kids in america ♪h, oh, oh ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh they won a dramatic win over the kings tonight, but there were no smiles afterwards because of a late injury to money day ellis. -- monta ellis. he is on his way to an
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aneurism. they are careless in downing. i will take that, thank you. he is off to the early 12-4 lead. to the hoop with authority. 12-2 warrior run and they are up five. fast-forward and fourth quarter now. evans making it rain. he had 35. sacramento on a 21-6 run to take control. the kings are up nine. warriors rally and money day off the inbound and buries the warriors. just like wednesday night, same spot, same shot, same result. less than a second left and going to over time. a reach and yes. but they were nervous when montay went down with a sprained ankle. dante green rolled into them. teammates carried ellis off the court in the 119-112 overtime victory. looked bad at the time, but he
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said, hey, we don't take it serious. >> wake up in the morning. >> figuring he is not going to play tomorrow night against the l.a. clippers. willie mays started with the giants in new york, and today willie and the world series trophy were back in the big apple. he dropped in on ps46 in manhattan. that's the school that sits where the polo grounds used to be. that's where willie played before the giants moved west. willie said he never imagined when he started out his career he would end up in san francisco. >> i have been here all the time. i didn't go to san francisco by choice. i was asked to go by the team. new york has always been part of my home. >> football news and he was an instant fan favorite when he took over as head coach of the 40 nipers for the last -- 49ers for the last game of the
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year. he lead to a victory over arizona. 1 and 0 lifetime. he will be back as part of jim harbaugh's staff and returning to his old job as the defensive line coach. the australian open-ended a lot earlier than venus williams expected. she withdrew from the grand slam tournament for the first time in her caw -- her career. she was playing and then a few minutes in venus aggravated the injury she hurt a few days ago. serena couldn't play before, and now venus has to pull out. who says doubles is not entertaining? lopez and monaco was upset with the chest bumping. they say he was provoking them all match long. he is like dan noyes on an i-team story. he is relentless. he took the brunt of the tongue lashing. the referees intervened and all was okay.
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>> we need a mic there. >> they were going at it pretty good. >> and one more thing, probably not serious. as we said, they didn't bother to do x rays after the game. so a precautionary, you know, make sure he is okay. >> thanks. have a good night.
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